BLM Moving Forward with Fire Prevention Effort

The Bureau of Land Management posted on the Federal Register a couple of weeks ago a notice that it is beginning the tedious paperwork process to finally do something to prevent the devastating wildfires that have plagued the Great Basin region in recent years. The notice states the BLM will create two Environmental Impact Statements… [More…]

Why Nevada Must Hit the Brakes on Taxes

It’s called voting with your feet. A remarkable number of well-heeled Americans are doing just that, and it should serve as a warning to Nevada voters and candidates as we enter an election year. Though Republican governors in recent years have shepherded through the Legislature record-high tax increases, Nevada still fares fairly well in comparison… [More…]

Time to Reopen Ash Springs to Swimmers

The Lincoln Country Record reported that the popular swimming hole at the Ash Springs hot springs north of Alamo was shut down because of possible safety hazards. Someone had noticed a child playing near a wall of rocks that looked as if it might collapse any moment and a local law enforcement officer brought it… [More…]

What Evidence Is Pertinent in Bundy Trials?

Pardon us plebs, but we are a tad bit confused about just what is admissible evidence in the Bunkerville standoff trials. This past week, about a month into the second of three scheduled trials, the judge declared a mistrial because the prosecution had failed to timely turn over potentially exculpatory evidence to the defense. Federal… [More…]

Nevada Still Leads Nation in Public Worker Pay

Once again Nevada has earned a worst-in-the-nation ranking. An analysis of 2016 payroll data by Key Policy Data found Nevada’s state and local public employees are the least productive in the country, according to a news account by Though researcher J. Scott Moody found that Nevada’s state and local governments employed only 11.7 people… [More…]

Bundy Case Secrecy Being Rightfully Challenged

No matter how the current trial of four defendants in the April 2014 standoff between armed protesters and Bureau of Land Management agents trying to confiscate Cliven Bundy’s cattle turns out — conviction, acquittal, mistrial, dismissal of charges — the case will stand as an historic example of how sweeping secrecy can cast doubt on… [More…]

It is Time for Rep. Kihuen to Step Down

For the sake of the citizens of the 4th Congressional District of Nevada, it is time for Ruben Kihuen to resign. As if the allegations of sexual harassment of a staffer during the 2016 campaign weren’t bad enough, Kihuen has turned himself into a pariah in the already minority Democratic Party by basically calling his… [More…]

Give the Gift of Knowledge about Nevada

Christmas is coming and you’re still scratching your head over just what to get for that special Nevada friend or family member. How about a gift that will keep giving for years to come — a book, specifically a book about Nevada and/or the West? A couple of the newest additions to this narrow genre… [More…]

Accountability Act Leaves Congress Unaccountable

Isn’t it nice to know your tax dollars have been used to payoff employees of Congress who have been subjected to civil rights, labor, and workplace safety and health law violations — presumably including sexual harassment? Under the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 congressional staffers are covered by those laws and their employers are no… [More…]

What to Do About Wild Horses?

Part two or two In his newly published book, “Wild Horse Country,” writer David Philipps offers his suggestion for what to do about the overpopulation of wild horses in the West, which are overgrazing the open range: “The solution is mountain lions.” Realizing that this will leave horse-huggers aghast and cause cattle and sheep ranchers… [More…]