Author: Trina Machacek

Is this You? The Smell of—Soap

Have you been to a soap store? Yes a soap store. Chances are that you have been. I was in one just last week. These alcoves of bubbles and smells are filled to the brim and shopped by some of the best sniffers around. Not just by ladies either. Big burly he men also have been seen in soap stores. It’s really quite a foo foo-y experience. In other words your nose is bombarded with scents from all over kingdom come. And I’ll admit it, it was fun. ‘Course I am a girl! In days gone by soap was made and use to clean up with, period. Cleanliness was not as prevalent in olden days as it is now. That need for soap to have a fruity or flowery or island breezy smell was not as important as just getting rid of the scent of sweat and the long horse ride home that would cling to bodies in those golden days. So soap was sometimes made with lye. Yes lye. The same stuff they put down in a newly dug outhouse to kill the smells that would soon be emitted from said hole. Just one of many reasons that makes me really glad I live in today’s world. While I shopped and sniffed during my hour in that store I took time to notice some of the other shoppers....

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Is This You? Credit Union

In a discussion the topic of credit comes up. There are as many facets about credit as there are grains of sand on Pismo Beach—that is to say nearly innumerable. To dissect a credit profile takes knowledge and power. Knowledge in knowing that three little numbers in a row, like 823, 759, 672 can have as big an impact on your life as you allow them to have. The power comes in when you finally realize that they are just that, numbers. Those numbers can run or ruin your life right? Not so fast there speedy. Let’s just take a closer look at the whole picture. If you don’t know about a credit rating you probably don’t have one or it at the least it isn’t up to snuff. If you do know about a credit rating your number is either fine or you are working on it to get it up to snuff. But what if you know you have one but don’t know what it is? Do you need to know? I mean if you are going to buy something on time yes, but need to know just to know? Ah step on into the world and the power of advertising… You might have seen them. The ads that tell you to go on line and find out, right now, what your credit score is. Hurry, someone...

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Is this You? – Excess

I have had my ears pierced twice in my lifetime. Not twice as in four holes, but two separate times because several years after the first experience which involved ice cubes a big, no a huge needle and half a potato in my mom’s kitchen, the holes grew closed due to lack of wearing earrings. The second time I had it done at a regular first class ear piercing place. A kiosk in a mall! A friend of mine decided she wanted hers done and she didn’t want to go up to the piercer alone so the two of us went all because she wanted to start wearing earrings. But again due to lack of bejeweling my ears I now find myself with one hole grown closed and the other about half closed. I can get a wire to start to go through the right ear lobe, but it won’t come out the back side. Weird huh? So of what consequence is this revelation about ear jewelry and holes or lack thereof? Well, again, here’s the story… Is it just me or are earrings getting bigger? Not more of them. But physically bigger. I saw a woman on television a few days ago wearing hoop earrings that you could have thrown a football through. Yes a football! Not just plain golden hoops, these were bedazzled with three rows of...

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