Author: Trina Machacek

My Nose Has Grown

Apparently my nose, over the years, has grown. This is something I did not know. I thought my nose was cute and perky and turned up a bit on the end. But a friend of mine has recently said to me that over the years my nose has grown a bit longer. In all honesty she said it while she was trying to tell me I look fine just as I am. But since then I have gotten nosey about my nose. I looked at pictures of myself from years ago then compared them to more recent shots. Then I set them side by side to see just how long the center item on my face has gotten. Do I have to give it its own parking spot now? Will I have to back up a bit when I am first in line at a red light so I don’t stick out enough to get tire treads across the tip of my breather? These things have now become nose, I mean news-worthy. Daily life brings so many things to our doors that peeks our interest. Sometimes it is interesting to see which ones we attack. Like this nose thing. I had to take that next step to see just how it happens that a nose grows-and when it will stop. I mean if I live to be older than...

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Is This You? Dog-eared Days of Summer

I like books. Not all books. For instance I don’t like books that weigh more than a small child. Why would I want to struggle to hold on to something heavy enough to break my nose if it fell onto my face while I was reading and fell asleep? So I am more of a paperback reader. With a paperback you know you are safe. You just know that there is no way an average 300 page paperback will have any more of a snowballs chance to survive an August day in Benson, AZ than to smash your nose when you fall asleep reading. There are exceptions. Coffee table books. What’s a coffee table book? Well from my perspective they are a grown up version of a toddler’s picture book. When you pick up, well wait a second. Coffee table books are not something that are usually picked up. They are more often than not the size of a medium sized dog and its weight can top out around the poundage of one of those huge boxes of candy a salesman will give to a doctor’s office staff at Christmas so he can rest assured he will be invited back throughout the next year to sell more of his medical miracles to the ever illusive doctor. All those words add up to: big and heavy! With size and weight...

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Is this You? The Art of the Deal

Starting off my name is not Art so let me call this, “The Trina of the Deal.” Deal made? Great now we shake hands and everyone walks away happy. To me that’s a deal, a good deal. That’s what I have spent the last few weeks doing. Making deals and shaking hands. It has been an amazing, enlightening, exhausting and many other adjective creating words journey. Here are some highlights that I hope make you scratch your head, smile and say, “Yep, she is a crazy woman who has been in the desert just a little too long!” In January after my other half decided to go and meet the Lord and all the dust settled from that, one of the next steps was to decide how to handle all the stuff he had gathered up during his 70+ years here. An estate sale began to take shape. Now that sale is over and it was an amazing ride. But! Yes but, but. But I do not advise this path be taken without a good support system and team surrounding you. Preferably not family while the sale is being organized. Why? Because you will spend your time looking and then deciding that everything has meaning and you will put stuff out and then pull it back and pull stuff out and put it back… Thus defeating the “sale” portion...

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Is This You? Tree Tops

Maybe because I have lived in the desert for such a long, long time or maybe because of their majesty, I love trees. Okay I know that I am not supposed to equate the word and feeling of love with non-human things but I stand by my feelings. I love trees. Who in their right mind would not? I was recently reading about trees and it brought to mind a question that I have asked a few people along my life’s path, none of whom could answer me. How come, if trees grow every year, getting new leaves or needles, bloom and grow, why aren’t trees like four thousand feet tall? Seems trees should just grow taller and taller. But they don’t do they? There are a group of trees that I have admired for the 40 plus years I have been traveling on the road between Eureka and Carlin. They are beautiful and are in a stand of two majestic rows on a ranch. I understand that the Eureka-Palisade railroad which ran from 1873 to 1938, would stop at these trees and often a baseball game would be played during the whistle stop. That image makes me always smile when I see that grove of trees. (Weather the story is true or not, I choose to believe it!) Learning about these trees I have gleaned that they have...

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Is This You? Celebrations

Celebrations Poor August. It stands alone when it comes to some sort of holiday or celebration. I mean even June has summer solstice and April has the ever popular April Fool’s Day. But August? Not so much as a recognized dead guy to celebrate. Not of course that there were not important people who were born or died in Augusts past. But August for the most part isn’t a real holiday month. Which began my thought process of celebrating and what all that includes. For instance… When you celebrate the anniversary of your birth, aka your birthday, do you stop at any time and remember any of the past year’s celebrations? Like the time you turned 13 for instance. Thirteen should have been a big one for you. You turned into a teenager and your parents probably bought a whole new supply of aspirin and maybe even an extra bottle of—milk. Yes, yes let’s go with milk! A celebration is really an anniversary of the time when something happened to you. Like a wedding anniversary. Let’s just take a closer look at this one. Do you get out the wedding album? Probably not. As the woman the, “I’ll never fit into that dress again” monster rears his ugly head when you gaze lovingly at the picture of the two of you just after you have stood up and poured...

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