Author: Sheri Samson

Friday Night Steak Feed returns at Maxine’s Place

Bringing back the Friday Night Steak Feed is becoming a family affair for the sisters that run Maxine’s Place at the Walker Lake Golf Course. Suzy Berry explained that the concept was once a fun, local event. Guests would cook their own steaks or have a chef cook them on the outdoor grill located at the golf course clubhouse.  The dinner cost is a set amount whether you cook your steak or not, with a full course meal that is tasty and hardy enough to fill anyone up. Berry said, “We talked about this for a while, but then we realized...

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Walker Lake church holds duel celebration

A celebration of service was two-fold on Sunday, Feb. 1 at The Walker Lake Baptist Church.  Pastor Frank Reynolds and his wife, Vera celebrated their fourth year as pastors to the church.  Previously from Yerington, Frank explained that he and his family visited the church for a while, enjoying an interim pastor that was serving the church. In a casual conversation, Frank mentioned that he was a minister and the rest is history as they say.  “The leadership became excited and offered me the position, which I was more than happy to take,” Reynolds explained. With a fellowship of...

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Volunteers rid shoreline of deceased birds

On Jan. 30, twenty-five volunteers arrived at the Walker Lake State Park to assist in the cleanup of cholera diseased birds lining the shoreline.  Volunteers were briefed about the proper removal and safety precautions, and then loaded up with gloves, proper bags plus rakes or shovels to begin the effort of removal. A well-orchestrated endeavor was presented, sending out groups to different locations along a 7-mile beach area.  From north of the State Beach to the entrance off Highway 95 known as Hunters Beach south, as much territory was covered as possible. Teams were divided to not only remove...

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Disease to blame for rise in bird deaths at Walker Lake

In walking the shoreline of Walker Lake, concerned residents have noticed a large amount of bird deaths lining the area.  Tiffany Tatum, manager of The Cliff House became proactive a week ago, in contacting the Nevada Department of Wildlife, gathering information directly from Peri Wolff, DVM, a wildlife veterinarian located in Reno. Walker Lake Fire Captain BJ Foster contacted Brian Eller, the state game warden out of Yerington on Jan. 18, after walking the local shore and finding over 30 bird carcasses.   Foster and his wife Robyn had been walking their dogs when they spotted this unusual sight thinking it may have been caused by local hunters. Specimens of the dead birds were taken for testing and confirmed to have the bird virus known as Cholera.  Avian Cholera is the most common disease among wild waterfowl and domestic birds within North America.  It is transmitted by bird-to-bird contact or through their feces or indigestion of infected food or water sources.  The bacteria responsible for the outbreak can survive up to four months in soil or water. Wolff stated by phone, “There is a documented case of this outbreak affecting as far west as Sacramento, as far north as Klamath Falls, Ore. and throughout Nevada.  This is the first avian cholera outbreak in Nevada in decades.  Wetlands and wildlife refuges are commonly affected in California, but not in our...

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