Author: Sheri Samson

Faces of Mineral County: Dorothy Fortenberry

If you ask 91 year old Dorothy Fortenberry about retiring, she will assure you there is never a good time to stop giving back. “I am always busy. God takes care of me and He is my best helper, but He can take it all away when it’s time – until then I tell people to stay busy. You should always be giving back.” Shelley Hartman, at the Economic Development Authority, alerted Dorothy that the plants and clean up needed to be done around the USO Convention Center. “I didn’t know exactly how to get this project started,” Fortenberry...

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Local youth embrace America’s pastime

As cars were pulling up to the Lion’s Park last week, anxious boys and girls were sprinting to the grassy areas, many with mitts in hand to begin joining their Little League team for their first practice. Caleb Dobson was one such six year old, preparing for his third year of baseball.  He ran ahead of his family to get started in the team spirit of practicing his right arm throws.  He could hardly stand still, waiting for the practice to get started. “I already know how to play – it’s really fun,” he proudly said while holding up...

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Schurz tribal dancers entertain Elks visitors

The Elks Lodge Convention brought a wonderful array of visitors on Friday, April 17.  The spouses and guests were graciously entertained by the Agai Dicutta Dancers from Schurz, first thing in the morning at Veterans Park. Sandy Smith explained that the lodge plans a variety of events and locations to visit throughout the day while the Elks are holding their meetings.  “As the hosting town, we try to expose our guests to the special nature of our area and this was a perfect way to share the ethnic culture of our local Indians.” Pat Hicks, the tribal grandmother and...

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Airport needs discussed at meeting

At a meeting of the Mineral County Airport and Land Use on April 14, airport representative Betty Easley shared a full multimedia presentation, reviewing the benefits and breakdowns necessary to understand what a treasure it is to have this resource in a town of our size. Easley explained, “Our airport is positioned in a crucial location, as a halfway point for many pilots. Flyers are delighted to learn of the pilot lounge which provides a resting space. We have computers with Wi-Fi; access to courtesy cars they can use locally and many common niceties so they can have a meeting or use our small appliances and facilities. While fueling, or whether they just stop by, we offer full brochures, encourage them to go into town to eat, see the sites or stay over at the motels and hotels available.” Easley had kept precise numbers of how many pilots and passengers stayed over, used our local facilities for meals and the average stay which transferred into dollars spent in Hawthorne. Letters of appreciation reinforced the airport benefits, confirming that the town merchants endorse the airport and appreciate the work done by the volunteers as stellar ambassadors to the airport guests. This year’s Armed Forces Day will be the third year for a fly over which was completely funded by donations within the community. The Hawthorne Airport has a positive reputation,...

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Hawthorne’s Rose combines love of photography with his unique personality

One might find Hawthorne resident Perry Rose’s choices a bit odd, but his artistic whimsy brings thought and smiles to most faces. As the owner of Nevada Outhouse Photography, Rose has found the most profound locations to photograph these specific historic buildings, although he doesn’t necessarily limit all his prints to outhouses. “I enjoy the name of my company as a conversation starter. People will see my logo and do a double-take, especially at photography shows,” he said. “The topic brings a lot of stories, memories and laughable moments to the older crowd.  I will photo an outhouse whether...

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