Author: Sheri Samson

Rockets Promoted to Serpents

As the Rockets Eighth grade promotion began, Principal Jeff Wales explained the reason that two-sets of bleachers were decorated for the occasion. This future class of high school students were first seated on the Rocket bleachers in a sea of blue gowns, with the banner of blue and white decorating one side of the room. “As you can see, we have a Serpent on the other side of the room and this stands for the transition these students will be taking. As they physically move from once being a Rocket into the high school setting of becoming a Serpent,...

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Students Master Sewing Skills

The lost art of quilting was resurrected in the Mineral County High School’s Career and Technical classes. The class entitled “Clothing and Textiles”, had instructor, Sandra Jones, teaching various formats of practical living through pathways of career-orientated classroom instruction. This particular curriculum was part of a three-year program in which students learn a variety of basic living skills, while highlighting topics such as cooking, child development and other detailed accomplishments. “In this class, students learned about the actual sewing machine and related tools or attachments; stitching and cutting patterns; basic repairs as well as creating selected projects,” Jones explained....

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Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Isabella Pearl Mining Site

As honored guests followed an array of directional signage leading into the hills of Luning, at the foot of the Gabbs Valley Range, the Gold Resource Corporation (GRC) was prepared to present a groundbreaking ceremony for the Isabella Pearl mining site, which had been many years in the making. Guests included the GRC Chairman of the Board Bill Conrad and those from their board of directors. Attendees also included GRC Staff Members; Mineral County Commissioners Jerrie Tipton and Chris Hegg; local Mineral County Economic Development Association Board members; representatives from Ledcor Construction; local business owners and other various entities...

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District Bus Drivers Thanked with Appreciation Lunch

With some of the highest levels of responsibility being placed upon these Mineral County School District employees, Transportation Director Will Gemelke and Hawthorne Elementary School Secretary Ann Kee, made a special effort of thanking the bus drivers that keep our student cargo picked up and dropped off safely throughout the school year. A special homemade appreciation luncheon was provided by Kee, as she brought these employees together for a moment of smiles and handshakes. Hawthorne students had made each of them a giant thank-you card with signatures, drawings and notes written throughout the foldout of wishes. Burt Johnson, just...

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High Honors Given out at School Board Meeting

With new meeting procedure in place, a surge of positive acknowledgements and recognition of groups and people, are now taking place at the beginning of every school board meeting. Principal Stephanie Keuhey was on hand to give an emotional thank-you to her Hawthorne Elementary School veteran teachers, while also noting that the improvements of student testing and continued dedication of staff, had created a learning environment which surpassed what many other school districts in the State had not. In providing each board member with a printed handout, the evidence of her statement was clearly viewed, as Hawthorne Elementary School...

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