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JoAnn Jackson memorial fund locations

A JoAnn Jackson Memorial Fund has been established at Financial Horizons Credit Union and contributions can be made at any of the following FHCU locations: Hawthorne; Yerington; Fallon; Winnemucca or any Wells Fargo Bank in the United States. Contributors only need to specify the name of the fund....

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JoAnn Jackson

JoAnn Jackson God called His faithful servant JoAnn Jackson into His rest on January 5, 2014; at Renown Hospital in Reno. She was 59, born February 1, 1954 in Ogden, Utah. She graduated from Mineral County High in 1972. After high school, JoAnn worked in various areas of employment while continuing to reside in Hawthorne. At the time of her death, she was Executive Director of Consolidated Agencies of Human Services – CAHS; and recently was recognized for 10 years work in this agency. JoAnn had a God-spirited heart for His people, especially children and babies. Let’s not forget...

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Douglas Melvin Gutsche

Douglas Melvin Gutsche Douglas Melvin Gutsche, 67 of Hawthorne, passed away peacefully on Jan. 1. He was born in Stockton, Calif. on April 20, 1946 to his parents Melvin and Audrey Gutsche. Douglas graduated from Lincoln High School in Stockton in 1964. After high school, he attended Delta College for two years. He then went to the Naval Academy during the Vietnam Era for 12 years working in a submarine as a chef overseas. After coming home, he pursued truck driving in Heffington Freight for five years. Doug found his soul mate, Karen Gutshce, in 1983 and they were...

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Spring Fling event planned

Submitted by Shelly Hartmann, Special to the MCIN Calling all Mineral County residents and visitors from everywhere, the Community Garden would like to thank all of you who made the Harvest Festival such a wonderful event, now we invite you to our Spring Fling. We had so much fun and received such a good turn out from the Harvest Festival that we voted to hold a similar event for the Spring. We have had many calls and letters asking for another event, and it is time to celebrate a new season. We can’t do it alone though, we need your ideas and help. We want 2014 to be the best ever year for the Community Garden and Mineral County. We are once again looking for artisans and crafters to have booths, community groups and churches to have information and entertainment for the attendees of the event and of course there will be contests. Keep watching the Independent-News for information. If you are interested in being a part of the Spring Fling, or have ideas you would like us to include please call Shelley at the MCEDA office 945 5896 or come in to chat about your ideas for this community event. Already included are: craft and art show and sale booths $20; penny pitching booth; bake sale hosted by the Community Garden; raffles to begin earning money for the community...

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Critics claim Reid is losing grip on reality

The spotlight is on Nevada’s senior senator, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and it is casting some dark and ugly shadows. Practically every news report out of Washington in the past few weeks has featured a snarling and snapping Harry Reid — sort of like the Reid who, when asked by a reporter about funding child cancer treatments during the government shutdown, snapped, “Why would we want to do that?” and then called her “irresponsible and reckless” for asking the question. Fellow Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee has declared that the Senate is broken and its Reid’s fault. He said Reid’s unilateral killing of the filibuster for nominations ended the Senate. “While it ignores its own rules, today’s meek Senate watches as the Obama administration changes the health care law, suspends immigration laws, and rewrites labor laws,” he said. Fellow Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma said Reid has appointed himself to be a Rules Committee of one. He points out that the Democrats whining about Republicans abusing the filibuster is a diversion from Reid’s strongarm tactics that have emasculated the GOP minority. Using parliamentary procedures, Reid has cut off debate and prevented the minority from offering amendments 78 times — more than all other Senate majority leaders combined, ever. Reid has boasted, “The amendment days are over.” Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel has flatly stated Washington is gridlocked...

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