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Kimberly Naomi Williams-Hatch

Kimberly Naomi Williams-Hatch, a short term resident of Hawthorne passed away on June 28. She was born Dec. 15, 1970 in Palo Alto, Calif. Her interests were clothing and food ministries. She loved modeling and dancing. She also had a heart for helping others. Kimberly will leave behind her husband of 18 years, Hervis Hatch Jr.; two daughters: Taniqua Lightsy and Christian J. Williams-Hatch; a son, T’Angelo J. Turner; her seven siblings: Africa, Larry, Davares, Fleeta, Alvin, Leslie and Johnathan; four grandchildren: Davarian, Dakota, Za’Khai and Eliahs; two sister-in-laws: Deborah Wright and Sherry Hatch; she also leaves behind her...

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V. Truett Loftin

7/31/35-6/14/18 V. Truett Loftin passed away on June 14, 2018 at his home in Gold River, Calif. at the age of 82. Truett was born in Prentiss, Miss. to Woody Loftin and Madeline Herrington. Truett is survived by his daughters Maribel Hefeli (Frank); Katrina Loftin-Winkel (Mike); Tina Loftin Smith (Ty); first wife, Eula Loftin and his wife, Christie; grandchildren: Truett Ryder, Woody, Chace, Jacque (Kevin), Frankie (Gabrielle) and newly born great grandson, Frank IV; brother-in-law, Paul Paulidis and nieces: Gina Garris (Hank) and Paula Paulidis. He was preceded in death by his parents: Woody Loftin and Helen Loftin Palmer;...

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History of Nine-Mile Ranch Dates Back to the 1860s

“I was wondering when one of you would be getting up here to talk,” said State Park Ranger Aide Larry Spickert. With only one year under his belt as the acting caretaker of the Nine-Mile Ranch and historic stage stop, Spickert easily rattled off a short history lesson using the valley’s richest stories. “I am the eyes and the ears of this place for now and since June 28, 2017,” he explained. Beginning as a “volunteer conservancy protector” to prevent vandalism on the damaged property while it was in disarray and unsafe for trespassers, he camped out while overseeing the premises. He began greeting those that stopped for pictures and answered questions about the inhabitable dwelling which was drastically hit by the Dec. 28, 2017 earthquake. “The epicenter was right over in that field where the horses are standing,” Spickert shared while pointing east from the crumbled brick debris which remained on the old home’s property. Known to be the oldest standing building left in Mineral County the homestead began as Utah territory in the 1860’s, known as the Cobb’s Ranch. Only one historic notation on a map documented this, with no evidence left on the property. “Then the Gardener family took ownership, back when Aurora was busy with miners digging for gold and Mark Twain mentioned in his writing that “John Nye is sick, so I am going...

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, I would like to congratulate Sergeant Jim Holland on his retirement from the Mineral County Sheriff’s Department. I have known him personally and professional for over 20 years. Thanks to Sheriff Randy Adams and Undersheriff Billy Ferguson, I have been allowed to act as an advocate to any inmate in need of drug or alcohol treatment and find placement into a rehab facility when allowed by the courts. This process takes a lot of paperwork being filled out; authorization being signed and at times I need to speak face to face with the inmate. During this process I can assure you I am at the sheriff’s office often. Sergeant Holland has always been accommodating, courteous and respectful to me as well as the inmates. He has made sure all other deputies over the jail know who I am and what I am there to do. Sergeant Holland has an amazing quality to see past the offense of the inmate and see them as a person. I know during his career he has helped change the lives of many people. Sergeant Holland will be greatly missed by me and many others. I wish him all the best in his retirement. Starr Williams Hawthorne Dear Editor, On Friday afternoon my faithful feline mascot was viciously attacked and killed in her safe haven, the garage. It was a senseless killing...

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