Author: Heidi Bunch

Spanier picked as Miss Armed Forces Day

With the bright lights of the Mineral County USO Center shining brightly on the contestants of the Miss Armed Forces Day, the ladies were all smiles as they entered the stage to be introduced by Ann Kee, the master of ceremonies. This year saw a larger group of ladies entering the Miss Armed Forces Day contest with three vying for the title. Sisters Jesslynn and Raynee Knight along with Ashlynn Spanier each captured the audience with bright smiles and awesome talents.  It was easy to see that the Junior Miss Armed Forces Day contestants, who were sitting in the...

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Local wildlife leaders stock Rough Creek

Members of the Mineral County Board to Manage Wildlife, along with Nevada Department of Wildlife and members of the community, planted fish in the Rough Creek area on Feb. 26. Approximately 500 rainbow trout were released. The idea to plant rainbows into Rough Creek was brought forth by Frank Barcellos, a long time Hawthorne resident and avid outdoorsman, who remembers stocking the small creek in the 1960’s. The waterway is the only viable fishing area left in Mineral County, with the decline of Walker Lake. The transplanted fish weighed between four to eight ounces. Within Rough Creek are still...

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MCHS students learn danger of drugs

Staying true to his word, Sheriff Stewart Handte is hunting down those who use; buy or distribute narcotics. Knowing that children are the most influential, Handte with his deputies and Mineral County High School Principal Mike Domagala conducted a search of the Mineral County Jr./Sr. High School on Tues. Feb. 18. “I had reason and concerns about people bringing drugs to school; people coming to school smelling of marijuana or people sneaking off to a hidey-hole to do who knows what. In speaking with Sheriff Handte, we were on the same page. This is not going to happen here,”...

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Babbitt residents broke down racial barriers

Moving from Louisiana to Hawthorne to ensure stable employment for his family, Manuel Gray with wife, Tamer and his family would settle into Mineral County, calling it home for many generations. Here, Manuel would find employment at the Naval Ammunition Depot in 1945. Tamer would be a housewife, like so many women of her generation. Growing up in Babbitt was a great experience for Clydell (Gray) Wert, daughter of Manuel and Tamer. Even though Babbitt was segregated at the time. (27th – 30th Streets were mostly populated with Africian American’s) – the children of Babbitt knew no color. Running...

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Hawthorne couple brings healthy choices to town

As winter continues to keep its hold on the Nevada desert, boxes of fruits and vegetables fill the back of a boxed trailer. Sheila and Tyler Viani, of Hawthorne, make the trip twice a month to bring Bountiful Baskets to the area. Bountiful Baskets is a grassroots co-op that strive to bring the highest quality of products to individuals. Because it’s a small organization, the cost of the items are at rock bottom compared to shopping at a big box store. Sheila quotes the Bountiful Basket slogan as to why she decided to bring this to Mineral County, “Bountiful...

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