Author: Heidi Bunch

Hawthorne nurse remains missing after eight years

Time doesn’t always heal all wounds. Ask the family of Nita Mayo. Eight years ago they received the tragic news that their beloved mother had gone missing on a road trip to Sonora, Calif. Instead of the family receiving postcards or photos from their mother, the family was notified that Mayo had not returned to Hawthorne. Mayo, a nurse at Mt. Grant General Hospital, had decided to take a road trip over Sonora Pass with a friend. At the last minute, the friend had to cancel. Instead of canceling her plans, Mayo would set out on her own. This was not unusual for...

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Civilian Conservation Corps helped shape Hawthorne

On April 5, 1933, during the Great Depression, men between the ages of 18-25 enrolled in the newly formed Civilian Conservation Corps. These young men and war veterans left their cities and rural homes for an opportunity to find work during a time when money and jobs were scarce. Under the direction of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, these men worked long, hard but honest hours doing outdoor work in forests, parks and fields. Six months after the founding of the CCC, Company 1915 arrived in Hawthorne, and those who could be spared from setting up the camp went directly...

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