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Winning Flag Essay Chosen

Hawthorne Lions Club recently handed out a fact sheet to Mineral County schools discussing the American flag. The pamphlet covered The Pledge of Allegiance, facts about the American flag and which star represents which state on the flag. Each student was also given a flag to take home. An essay contest was held and Emily Grossman was chosen the winner with her essay titled “The U.S. Flag” as follows: Do you know much about the American flag? It’s a sign of dignity and independence. One of the parts of the flag is the fifty stars, they represent the fifty states in our country. They are white because the white stands for purity and innocence. The thirteen stripes stand for the thirteen original colonies that declared independence from Great Britain. The red stripes stand for hardiness and valor. There are six white stripes and seven red stripes. The canton is blue the color of the chief, the blue on the flag stands for vigilance, perseverance and justice. What the American flag means to our county is that it’s a symbol of pride, dignity, values and independence. For 200 years, the flag has been our nation’s symbol. It has changed but it still has represented the same thing during this time. The flag is a fascinating as the American Republic itself; “It has survived great battles, inspired songs, and evolved in...

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Isabella Pearl Gold Project near Luning Gets Final Permit

Gold Resource Corporation received their final permit for the Isabella Pearl Gold Project outside of Luning. The open pit heap leach gold project was granted the positive record of decision on the environmental assessment. The final permit, along with the approval from Gold Resource Corporation’s Board of Directors moves the Isabella Pearl mine into production. A major milestone for the company and Mineral County. Besides the record of decision and environmental assessment, Isabella Pearl was approved by both the Bureau of Land Management and Nevada Department of Environmental Protection. These final permits along with their permits for mercury, water, air and other ancillary permits which have already been in place, allows the Gold Resource Corporation to construct, operate and pour dore at Isabella Pearl. The projected time for Isabella Pearl to be up and operational is 12 months of total construction time from when groundbreaking begins. Gold Resource Corporation chose a third-party contractor for both the heap leach pad construction and the contract mining of the Isabella Pearl. A job fair in April was held with Ledcor in anticipation of this announcement. In a statement released by Gold Corporation, Jason Reid, CEO and President of the company stated, “This is an exciting milestone and time for Gold Resource Corporation shareholders and our Nevada Mining Unit. We are pleased to have successfully navigated the permitting process and now shift our...

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New Voting Equipment for Mineral County Introduced

Mineral County Clerk Christopher Nepper held an open house Monday night to introduce voters to the new voter equipment that the county has recently purchased. “This is going to streamline the process and also we will be able to cut down our poll workers from around 20 to 13 so we will also be saving taxpayer money,” the clerk told the Independent-News. The polls in Nevada close at 7 p.m. and in the past, election workers have had to burn the midnight oil fussing with picky equipment, incomplete ballots or other problems as they arise. “The previous equipment was...

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AFD Celebration Begins with Annual Pageant

  Armed Forces Day countdown officially kicked off with the opening event of the Armed Forces Day pageant held on Saturday, May 5 at the Hawthorne Convention Center/USO. This year a Mr. Armed Forces Day started off the night with three young men vying for the position. Miles King was named Mr. Armed Forces Day after being judged by a panel of his peers after reciting a poem. Always a highlight for parents is the Mini Miss contest where sparkles and toothless smiles shine from the stage. The opening number, “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake from the...

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Local Girl Makes Unusual Friend Outside Army Depot Home

One young lady made a surprise friend when a Dusky Grouse (better known as a Blue Grouse) showed up at the Hawthorne Army Depot housing complex where she lives. Shawna Clark made fast friends with the grouse, she named “Rebecca”. Local photographer Vic Trujillo explained to the Independent-News that he had never witnessed a bird take so fondly to a person. The National Audubon Society describes the Dusky Grouse to be “slow-moving, inconspicuous and often surprisingly tame.” With that description, it must be said that anywhere that Clark went, so did “Rebecca”. She would keep in constant eye contact...

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