Author: C.W. Wilkinson

Lady Serpents roll past Whittell

The Mineral County High girl’s basketball team may be finding its stride. On Jan. 17 the Lady Serpents hosted the Whittell Warriors, in a game critical to reclaiming the team’s faltering mojo. Mineral County was able to claim an easy victory, 38-25. “At first we thought it was going to be a real easy game, but then we were looking at their stats,” Elena Viani-Whittwer said of the Warriors. Viani-Whittwer is the junior varsity coach, who filled in for the absent Lady Serpents’ coach Foster Kenton during the Whittell game. One of the keys to the Mineral County victory was the tough defense, Viani-Whittwer said. The tough full court press lead to numerous Lady Serpents fast breaks and layups. The faster pace and shorter shots helped alleviate the Mineral County squad’s shooting woes. “We lost our long shot, for some reason,” Viani-Whittwer said. But to compensate the Lady Serpents focused on layups and close shots, using their complex motion offense to bore open holes in the Whittell defense and create opportunities for easy shots. “They did make a lot of shorter shots, and I think they were a lot more relaxed for whatever reason on Friday,” said Amanda Jones, Viani-Whittwer’s assistant coach. “For whatever reason their shots were just going in.” The bench still struggled with the more complex offensive schemes, Vianni-Whittwer said, but she’s seen marked improvement from...

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PAC files intent to recall MacBeth

Claiming he acted to further the commissioner’s agenda and cast votes despite the opposition of his constituents, a newly formed Mineral County Political Action Committee filed a notice of intent to recall Paul MacBeth, Mineral County Commissioner, on Jan. 6. The PAC, the Mineral County Committee for Recall, was founded and is chaired by Glen Inlow of Mina to combat what he sees as a power grab by the Mineral County Board of County Commissioners. MacBeth in particular was targeted by elimination, Inlow said. Jerrie Tipton’s term will end this year, and recalling her wouldn’t have any impact, and Cliff Cichowlaz, vice-chairman of the board and the only other member, was out of town the day the nuisance ordinance was approved and didn’t cast a vote on the measure. “By picking the other person that helped her vote that in, hopefully we will eliminate them both by the end of the elections,” Inlow said. In the face of the recall effort against him, MacBeth isn’t backing down. “I stand behind every decision I have ever made as a commissioner,” MacBeth said. “Right, wrong or indifferent. I have yet to have even an informal complaint about my decision making.” MacBeth said he received a letter informing him of the effort, but didn’t know why he was being targeted until he gave an interview for this story. There are more specific...

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Mineral County student video wins grant

Mineral County High School will once again play host to a program designed to effect numerous changes in social dynamics, thanks, in large part, to a grant the school was awarded because of the efforts of 14 MCHS students. Challenge Day, a national non-profit organization that seeks to quash bullying and “other forms of social oppression”, awarded a grant large enough to fund about half the expense of bringing the program to MCHS. “Challenge day is an anti-bullying program where the people from the program come to your school […] and you spend the day in the gym, or in the cafeteria, or whatever room you’ve got, and they do activities with you to show that bullying is a bad thing and it can be fought,” said Lauren Mayes, MCHS junior. “And it can be won.” Alex Pleveny, junior, said the effort to return the program to the school started when she visited the Challenge Day website at the urging of one of her teachers, Delecia Jernigan, and saw the school could apply for the grant by making an anti-bullying video. “This is, like, my main focus,” Pleveny said. “I really wanted to bring challenge day back because it seemed like a really good idea?” Pleveny enlisted the help of her Jobs for Americas Graduates, a class to help high school students prepare to find employment after they graduate,...

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B&B Hardware stocks tools and personality

It’s been five decades since Mark Nixon’s brother and dad opened the doors of B&B on 5th Street in Hawthorne, and the business has grown, physically and financially, ever since. Decades ago, a small building with white clapboard siding was moved a few blocks down the street and, in 1963, became the home of B&B Hardware. Eventually Nixon bought into the store. Today, Nixon and his wife Cindy are the owners and operators of a mid-sized store that fronts for an expansive nursery; several hoop houses for winter crops; and a demonstration chicken coop that gives shelter to a...

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Apartment complex owner donates to Marine Corps fund

The owner and manager of a Hawthorne apartment complex donated $500 to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, a non-profit organization that seeks to give financial assistance to sailors and Marines in need. Corbin McDonald, the owner of the Sterling Heights apartment complex, and Dana Tommila, the complex’s manager, decided to make the donation after a March 18, 2013 explosion killed seven Marines and wounded at least six others and a sailor outside Hawthorne. The donation began as a promotion to encourage Hawthornites to move to the complex, Tommila said. In letters to occupants, and a long-running ad in the Independent-News, the pair vowed to donate the money when the complex was full. “Yet times were hard and the apartment complex had many empty apartments,” Tommila wrote in an article she planned to submit for publication before she knew this story was being written. The promotion lead to “several” new move ins, Tommila wrote. Ten months later, the complex is “technically” full, and McDonald and Tommila agreed it was time to make the donation, and consulted with John Stroud, commander of the Hawthorne Veterans of Foreign Wars post, to decide which organization was best to make the donation to. “There’s nothing specific that you can give to [the victims], they’ve passed,” Tommila said in an interview. “All of their bills have been met already by the Marines. So you put...

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