Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I had a few minutes in front of the commissioners last week regards to landfill assessment and am sure they had their minds made up without hearing all my objections, the one I think is the most objectionable is the discrimination against us nearer town, having to pay all they expect but letting people up on Lucky Boy/Masonic area not charged. What’s up with that? I feel everyone in the county who is capable of “generating trash”, as Mr. Grant says, should share the same assessment as we all do.

I also learned that if you decide to build or move and extra mobile home on one parcel you end up paying another assessment for that structure if it can be considered double dipping by Hawthorne Utilities and illegal. They have no right to decide a mobile home that has been gutted to use for storage purposes a habitable structure capable of housing a person, and generating trash. It should be left to a building inspector as to a structures use and the owner of property in question. There are old Babbitt houses on lots in this town along with a home or mobile that someone is living in are these people being charged double the $144 for landfill assessment?

I guess that’s one way to CLEAN UP THE TOWN, but I think we’d lose a lot more taxpayers. I wish more people would show up at these meetings and be heard and learn what our commissioners can do to us with only two “ayes”.

Susan Maple




Dear Editor,

I would like to give kudos’s to our local Post Office staff.  They have always been very friendly and professional with me when I go in to mail or pick up packages.  (Most the time by greeting me by my first name.)   I called them to let them know I was expecting a package but It was addressed from the shipper with the wrong address on it.. I was afraid that it was going to be sent back or put in the box it was addressed to.  However after I gave them the information and my package was found I was notified that they had found it, and a notice was placed in my box for me to pick up the package.

Thank you for all your help, you all rock

Dolores Gallegos


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